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Gutter Protection Comparison

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Gutter Protection Comparison

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Gutter Guard Comparison

When you think about it, you know you don’t want to climb a ladder to clean your gutters each season. You may not know what gutter guard or leaf filtering product can solve that problem, though. If you research gutter protection solutions, you find that there are just TONS of options, and not all of them do the job well.

Here at Gutter Cap of Florida, we have years of experience installing gutter protection, so we can offer you some insight. We designed the Gutter Cap product after years of dissatisfaction with the other, off-the-shelf gutter filter products on the market. We will do our best to present an unbiased comparison of the different gutter protection and leaf filter products on the market.

Pros and Cons of Different Gutter Guards

Sponge Gutter Filters: Gutter sponges are shaped inserts for your gutters made of polyurethane, a type of flexible plastic. Water flows through the sponge material and it stops debris, but no sponge is a perfect fit, so debris flows around the edges or into the pores. Not particularly durable and needs regular replacement as well.

Brush Gutter Filters: Same concept as a sponge filter, brush gutter filters insert into your gutters. They are cheap, installable by your average homeowner, but not very effective. You need to clean them regularly, and small debris passes freely between the bristles. Also, not very attractive to look at – it looks like a dirty black porcupine is stuck in your gutters!

Metal Screen Gutter Guards: Gutter guards that rely on screens clip onto the top of your gutter. Some are made from plastic, while others are metal. They can catch large and medium-sized debris, but often fail against very small debris. Think of seeds or resin that can get into your gutters, which is then hard to remove due to the leaf filter itself! Not only that, high winds can easily dislodge a metal screen, a particular risk for Florida homes with our regular strong storms.

Why Gutter Cap Instead?

When you think about it, each of these systems has you making tradeoffs that you really shouldn’t make. A leaf filter that rests on top of your gutter, or inside of it, needs to effectively filter out debris. That means that the holes in the filter need to be small enough to catch even nattering little seeds. At the same time, the filter needs wide enough holes to allow water to flow in easily, even knowing that some of the filter will be covered in debris. The basic design principles stop the filter from being truly and reliably effective.

That’s why we need to design Gutter Cap! With a solid metal alloy cap, we build a small hump into your gutter system. Water can easily flow right over the hump, subtly sticking to it and flowing into your gutter. Leafy debris, roofing granules, really anything but rainwater simply cannot make the jump – it falls harmlessly off the edge of your roof, where it won’t clog up anything.

With this superior design, you never have to worry about a mesh filter being clogged or a sponge filter having worn out in the sun. Our designers patented the Gutter Cap and thought of every possibility.

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Gutter Cap of Florida is greater Jacksonville’s #1 source for all things gutter installation, gutter repair, and gutter protection. We pride ourselves on our expert installation team, our Best In Class Gutter Cap product, and for our customer service. See some of our actual gutter & gutter guards installation in our inspiration gallery.


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Elyse Leslie Meade
Elyse Leslie Meade
Jacksonvill, FL
I am SOOOOO happy with sales, service and repair! Lori is awesome, installers were awesome, Jermaine is awesome! I would highly recommend this company! A W E S O M E ! !
Jane Z.
Jane Z.
Jacksonvill, FL
I had an awesome experience with this company! Knowledgeable sales staff! They were reasonable in their lead time, pleasant and helpful office staff in scheduling my appointments at my convenience. Overall exceeded my job expectations! Would definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Rebecca C.
Rebecca C.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Incredibly good Customer Service. The estimator (Ted) not only gave a very competitive quote, but also worked along with his crew in installation. Can't say enough about their attention to detail, and followup.

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