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Are Your Jacksonville Gutters Clogged?

It’s hard to sit back and enjoy the gentle patter of raindrops when you notice rainwater is literally gushing over the sides of your gutters, pooling around your foundation, and seeping into the basement. While that sounds like the kind of damage that could only be caused by a torrential storm, even a minor amount of rain can cause problems when your gutters are clogged.

When your gutters are in working order, rainwater will flow down your roof into the gutter system where it’s redirected away from your house. Unfortunately, along with the rainwater gutters also collect leaves, sticks, and other yard debris. As that detritus builds up, it causes clogged gutters. Think of how a beaver dams up a river; the same thing is happening inside your gutters. Instead of rainwater moving smoothly through the gutter system, it gets caught on the clogs until it spills over the sides and damages your roof, fascia, siding, and foundation.

What Happens When Your Jacksonville Gutters Are Clogged?

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home. The main problem associated with clogged gutters is when rainwater overflows from the gutters during a rainshower. This leads to water collecting around your home’s foundation, which can damage the foundation and even seep into your home and destroy the walls and flooring. That’s an absolute nightmare for homeowners!


  • Foundation damage: When water pools and stagnates around your foundation, it can cause cracks to form which compromises its structural integrity.


    • Landscape damage: If you have shrubs, trees, or flower beds planted beneath your gutters, they’ll be directly in the line of fire when your gutters overflow. All that extra water will rain directly directly down onto your garden where it can harm or kill your plants.


  • Fascia and siding damage: Fascia is the connective tissue between your home and gutters. When your gutters overflow, the fascia becomes waterlogged and begins to rot. If your home is built with wood siding, water can even seep down from the fascia to damage your home.


How do you know if your gutters are clogged?

Clogged gutters are no fun, but the good new is that gutters don’t clog overnight, so you have time to address the issue before it gets out of hand. Next time you head outside, take a look for any of these tellate warning signs of clogged gutters:

  • Rainwater overflowing the sides of the gutter
  • Gutters buckling, sagging, or bending  
  • Stains or discoloration on your home’s siding
  • Plants sprouting from the gutters
  • Birds or rodents digging through your gutters

Any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s time to have your gutters serviced by the pros before the issue gets worse or spreads to other parts of your house. With the Gutter Cap gutter protection system, you can say goodbye to clogged gutters forever!

Gutter Cap Prevents Clogged Gutters in Jacksonville

With traditional gutters, you have to perform the unpleasant task of climbing up on a rickety ladder to clean your gutters by hand. If you don’t, then you’ll end up with clogged gutters which are a major pain to deal with! Luckily, there’s a cleverly designed solution for clogged gutters and gutter repair.

Gutter Cap is a protection system designed to easily attach to the tops of your existing gutters. Once in place, Gutter Cap blocks debris like dead leaves and twigs from entering your gutters and causing clogs. Instead, rainwater will pass unblocked through the gutters and safely away from your home’s foundation without hitting any obstacles along the way. Neat, huh?  

Ready for Gutter Cap?

Our expert team has installed the Gutter Cap system on countless homes throughout Northern Florida and Southeast Georgia. With Gutter Cap, you’ll never had to worry about clogged gutters again, and you’ll never have to climb up on a ladder to achieve those spotless gutters. Instead, you can relax and enjoy the soothing sound of rain with the peace of mind that there are no clogged gutters wreaking havoc on your home.

Sound good? Give us a call or fill out our simple online form and we’ll reach out to set up a free-in home consultation!



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Gutter Cap is greater Jacksonville’s #1 source for all things gutter installation, gutter repair, and gutter protection. We pride ourselves on our expert installation team, our Best In Class Gutter Cap product, and for our customer service. See some of our actual gutter & gutter guards installation in our inspiration gallery.


At Gutter Cap we make customer satisfaction our main priority.  See what our clients have to say:

Elyse Leslie Meade
Elyse Leslie Meade
Jacksonvill, FL
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I am SOOOOO happy with sales, service and repair! Lori is awesome, installers were awesome, Jermaine is awesome! I would highly recommend this company! A W E S O M E ! !
Jane Z.
Jane Z.
Jacksonvill, FL
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I had an awesome experience with this company! Knowledgeable sales staff! They were reasonable in their lead time, pleasant and helpful office staff in scheduling my appointments at my convenience. Overall exceeded my job expectations! Would definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Rebecca C.
Rebecca C.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
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Incredibly good Customer Service. The estimator (Ted) not only gave a very competitive quote, but also worked along with his crew in installation. Can't say enough about their attention to detail, and followup.

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